JB Project

The Jon Bekoff (JB) Project was created in the memory of the musician Jon Bekoff (1959-2015) to promote Old-Time Georgia stringband music. The JB Project supports one-on-one and small group learning with mentors knowledgeable and skilled in Georgia old-time musical traditions.

The John Bekoff Project hosts monthly jam workshops at Wallers Coffee Shop in Decatur and at the Cabbagetown Patchworks. If interested in learning the Georgia music repertoire, Contact for information regarding these workshops.

Below is a link to a booklet of the chordal accompaniment for the tunes we have covered in previous workshops along with links to the tunes on youtube. Videos of the workshops can also be found on the MoonshineV youtube channel.


Georgia Tunes Chord Book

Current Tune list (3/12/20):

  • Back Up and Push
  • Boll Weevil Drag
  • Broken Down Gambler
  • Bust Down Stomp
  • Down Yonder
  • Engineer on the Mogul
  • Farewell Trion
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • Forty Drops
  • G Rag
  • Georgia Stomp
  • Georgia Wagoner
  • Grand River Whiskey
  • Gray Eagle
  • Hell Amongst The Yearlings
  • Hometown Rag
  • I Don’t Love Nobody
  • Johnny Had a Wedding and Phoebe Wouldn’t Go
  • Katy Did
  • Kennesaw Mountain Rag
  • Leather Breeches
  • Methodist Preacher
  • Possum on a Rail
  • Rabbit Under a Collard Leaf
  • Rabun Gap
  • Rocky Pallet
  • Sally Brown
  • Sand Mountain Drag
  • Shanghai Rooster & Dominicker hen
  • Share ‘Em
  • Sleeping Lulu
  • Stone Mountain Wobble
  • Take Me Back to Georgia
  • Tallapoosa Bound
  • Wimbush rag